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All Hearts Foundation

All Hearts Foundation

Lockdown……….written by one of our founders, Lex Austen

My heart bleeds for those who can only live day to day, why ? Because we know what day to day living is like, our animals needs will always come first so we as individuals have always lived day to day, tomorrow we use the last of the money we have in our personal capacity and organisation capacity to buy supplies for the 86 animal mouths we feed at the sanctuary, we have R2000 to our name and we blessed that we have had some support but it most definitely isn’t enough to see the staff and ourselves through, we bought the last of the cat food and dog food today from our pet supplier as there was only 80kgs of jock left and 20kgs of Monty and me cat food left, it was as if it was waiting for AHF. R1900 later ok dog and cat supplies semi sorted, we go through a 40kg dog food a week, we go through 20kg cat food in a week, we won’t be able to afford dog food from spar at the rates they charging either so we do have some concerns. Our wolves are sorted as if we need to collect meats we can collect locally but will be stocking up before Thursday. Marley and his clan as well as Sandy horse are also sorted if we need additional feed for them we can purchase locally but funds raise concerns for us, we need funds to do this, we can’t do this without help. So we need your help and I’ve put all pride aside to ask you personally for your help, help us keep afloat, even if it’s R10 please guys it all helps. This pandemic is very serious and this is our Mother Earth claiming back her title, we need to respect her process and abide by the rules set out by the world and its leaders. The virus is spreading daily and at a rapid rate, the All hearts Team can not compromise their health in anyway, we have to many lives depending on us to care for them. Please guys I’m on my knees begging you all to donate to the foundation. You are our only hope.

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